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Fullerton Christian School provides a homeschooling solution in a classroom set up for full-time working parents who would want their child homeschooled but is unable to conduct homeschooling lessons at home on their own. We are also an alternative solution for children who are already homeschooled but would like to participate in a classroom setting to add up to the homeschool experience.

01. Experience

FCAHC provides our own on-site teachers, to keep your child on track, accountable and reinforce content between subjects/grades by using one consistent Abeka curriculum. Therefore, your child is getting two teachers online and on-site to ensure the quality of education and to receive a complete, well-rounded education that is based on Biblical values as well.

02. Strategy Partner

Fullerton Christian Academy-Homeschool Program uses and partners with Abeka Academy teaching materials and master teachers to run our daily homeschooling program. FCA is not a program requiring your child to read lessons on the screen or sit for hours watching lessons without participating. It’s a flexible, complete homeschool distance- learning program for kindergarten through grade 6 recorded in real classrooms with actual students and their teachers.

03. Establishment

Fullerton Christian School has been founded in 1997. We have been operating Preschool, Kindergarten and later expanded to Afterschool program for many years.

04. Abeka Academy

Abeka Academy has been trusted by families all over the world since 1985. Abeka Academy is accredited by MSA CESS (Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools) and FACCS (Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools).

Fullerton Christian School provides on-site instructor to help your child succeed!